After a very busy weekend of running and biking, I was ready for a rest day. 

I spent today at the office and then eating yummy leftovers at the house.  I made a lemon sabayon with fresh berries for dessert.  Yum.

And now bed.


Rest day.  Yes, it is a good thing.  I did not wake up feeling too hot today.  I think it is related to the day I had yesterday (poor eating choices, followed at the end with a nice piece of delicious home made baklava and a glass of vin santo).  I don’t know… but I think that was too much for my body, since I have been eating better and less since this training plan started.  Yesterday was just too much.  So… today I rest.  Luckily for me, it is a scheduled rest day.  Whew.  No guilt for not putting on the bike shorts, running shoes or swim goggles today.  I can do this.  rest.

I hope to set a new personal record today!

It is funny… I know I have only been on this plan for a few weeks now, but these rest days feel more like wasted days to me right now.  Of course I have read all of the posts/studies/anecdotes/etc that state that resting your body is just as important as working it, but I have to say that my workouts have all been fairly short to this point, so I am not sure the rest day is needed.  Even with my doubts… I will stick to the plan.  I know that in another month or two, I will be ready to enjoy these Monday rest days.

Today is supposed to be easy.  It is a scheduled rest day.  But the funny thing is… the only difference for me is that I sleep until 6:30 instead of 5:45.  Other than that, I get up… do my usual responsibilities in the morning (for a father of 4, that is many) – leave for work.  Put in my hours at the office.  Suffer through the traffic filled commute home.  Dinner with the family.  Kid’s bathed.  Tuck boys into bed.  Spend 20 minutes with the baby, then put her down.  Say goodnight to the teenager.  Then maybe catch a 30 minute show on TV.  Then, it is bedtime.  —  So, while rest days sound nice… the only difference is, no workout.  —  I would like to plan an opposite rest day.  Put everything else on hold, and do only a workout today.  —  Hmmmm… that is an idea!