monthly totals

The month of June included my first ever triathlon: The Gary Kirby Tri as well as a full week off from training after the race – so the numbers indicated here are basically three weeks instead of four.  But nonetheless, here are my totals.  My bike total is way down (-50% from June)… I need to remedy that in July!

Swim: 6:28 – 13835 yards (May: 5:06 – 8368 yards )

Bike: 5:13 – 87.94 miles  (May: 10:17:10 – 170.6 miles)

Run: 4:42:09 – 28.32 miles (May: 4:01:58 – 21.74 miles)


The month of May included some taper for the Gary Kirby Tri, so the numbers are loaded into basically three weeks instead of four.  But nonetheless, here are my totals.

These numbers are going to go way up over the next few months.

Swim: 5:06 – 8368 yards (April: 4:50 – 7000 yards)

Bike: 10:17:10 – 170.6 miles  (April: 6:05:56 – 100.15)

Run: 4:01:58 – 21.74 miles (April: 3:27:04 – 18.85 miles)


Here we are… we have reached the end of April.  My training for the month was good, but not as great as I had hoped.  I came down with a sinus infection that caused me to miss 4 days of workouts.  That really ate into my totals.  Add in a trip to Las Vegas at the end of the month and things came up a little short.  None the less, I am proud of my second full month of training.  I did manage to beat all of my totals from March.

Without further ado… here are my totals for April.

Swim: 4:50 – 7000 yards  (March: 4550)

Bike: 6:05:56 – 100.15 miles  (March: 68.97)

Run: 3:27:04 – 18.85 miles  (March: 13.68)

Well, today is the end of March.  I worked hard this month to get into a good training cycle.  It is hard going from relaxed, lazy, uninspired to someone who goes to bed before 10p, wakes up before 6 everyday and focuses on putting in good hard effort in workouts.  I feel good about this month… Next month will be even better.  I can do this.  I can be the inspiration.

Here are my totals for March:

Swim: 4:05 – 4550 yards

Bike: 4:36:22 – 68.97 miles

Run: 2:41:27 – 13.68 miles