End of week 2 of dedicated training for my next Ironman 70.3 race here in Raleigh, which is coming up on May 31st.

I have been asked how much time do I spend right now training each week. Well, last week I totaled: 5 hours and 35 minutes – which breaks down to: 1:10 minutes of running (light run week), 3:20 of cycling, and 1:05 minutes of swimming — covering a grand total of 62.71 miles over 6 days. —- —- —- This is very early in the training. By week 13 of the training I will have 7+ hours of bike training alone, plus 21 miles of running and 5,000+ meters of swimming.

Yes, this training is a HUGE time commitment, so I must publicly thank my family for supporting me once again during this crazy goal of mine. My beautiful bride is extremely generous in allowing me time to do this while she takes care of the 5 kids!