It has been a long time since I have written anything here.  I have been through one of the most difficult periods of my life in recent months.  My father passed away after a way too brief battle with lymphoma.  I carry with me many unresolved issues – and struggle to find a way to deal with it all.  

One way I am dealing with it is planning for the birth of my 5th child.  My baby is due just after Thanksgiving – giving us something very positive to be thankful for.

Another way I am dealing with it is focusing on my training.  I am now signed up for the Ironman Raleigh 70.3 race in June of 2013.  This is my ‘A’ race for the year.  I also have an Olympic distance tri, a 5k running race and a 1/2 marathon on my calendar for April.  This “off season” will have a heavy focus on running.  My training plan has me running 6 days a week.  I will also push myself hard on the bike via Jorge’s plan and my new trainer.  Hopefully this level of focus will allow me to see great gains between now and June.  

Thanks for reading.  —  Adam