After a long day at work – and then after even more work that I brought home with me, I was finally able to get to sleep late last night.  I still have more work to do – but I promised myself that I wouldn’t miss my long run today.  So, I woke up early, slipped on my running shoes and headed out for my 48 minute run down the Greenway.  Before leaving, I checked in on ‘my’ new baby birds that hatched on my front porch a few days ago.  They are really growing fast!  That plant their nest is in was beautiful before Mama and Daddy bird decided to build their nest there.  After scaring Mama bird by pouring water on her head one time, we decided to let the plant go, and let Mama have her privacy.  It was a good decision.

Back to my run.  I intentionally headed out at a slower pace than I have been running.  I wanted this run to feel easy.  It is important to just get the body to feel good while running when the distances get longer, so that was my focus.  Just a slow and steady pace for the full 48 minutes.  My legs were pretty sore to start out (I have no idea why), but after about 4 or 5 minutes, I felt fine.

The Greenway was busy today with tons of runners, some cyclists and a few walkers.  It is always nice to see so many friendly people up and exercising early on a Saturday morning.  I am proud to be one of the “non-lazy” crowd who takes advantage of a great running trail.  —  Of course, the further from the main access point parking lot I got, the thinner the crowd got – and by the time I was at my furthest point from home, I was all alone.  The contrast between busy and solitude is interesting.  My pace is a bit quicker around the crowds – which was counter to my goals for this run today.  So, the solitude portion of the run was better for me (plus, I saw 5 deer during that part of the run).

My heart rate over the course of the run.

I made my way back home, arriving at the 46:41 mark.  I shorted my run by just over one minute.  Oh well, it was still a good run.

Now… back to work for a few hours today (and a few more tomorrow)

Today’s workout:

Plan: 48 minutes of running

Actual: 46:41 running (4.46 miles @ 10:29/mile)

PS – yesterday was a scheduled day off from training – but I decided to put in 40 minutes in the pool for another 1500 meters this week.