July 4th.  I was excited for a nice day with my family.  We had several things planned for the day, one of which was my morning run.  Today I was scheduled for a 38 minute run – but I was going to mix it up some.  I was going to head out for 20 minutes, then come by the house and grab my oldest son (who is 8 years old) and continue on for another mile and a half with him.  It was fantastic.  He did such a good job.  Our conversation during the run was so much fun.  He asked about my workouts, he mentioned how difficult it is to run up a hill, he then asked me how many hills did I have to run up in my triathlon (ha).  After all of that, as we were getting close to the end of the run, he started talking about wanting to do his own triathlon sometime soon.  He mentioned that he already knows how to swim, and he can ride his bike fine… and now he knows he can run a mile without stopping, so why not do them all together like Daddy.

—  How great is that?

I am looking right now for some choices for kiddie triathlons in the area that I can get him signed up for.  If he wants to do it… I am going to make sure he can.

As for the rest of the day – we met with a contractor about finishing the 3rd floor, then we drove down to the in-laws for an early (and perfect) July 4th dinner.  After dinner, we drove to the city of Clayton’s July 4th celebration where we listened to live music, played some carnival games and rode on a few carnival rides.  Of course the night was capped off by a really nice fireworks display (and some sparklers for the kids).

Today’s workout:It was a nice way to spend the day.

Plan: 38 minutes running

35:11 running (3.39 miles @ 10:23/mile – 15 minutes of that with my son!)