I actually set my alarm for 5:30 am on a Saturday just to get in the workout today.  Does that make me crazy?  Normally on Saturdays I allow myself to sleep until closer to 7am – however, today it was supposed to be 85* by 7:30 and rising fast throughout the day (north of 100* by noon) .  So, 5:30 became the best solution as it allowed me to get in my last of the recovery week runs before the day became too much of a scorcher.

This is my run – mapped out. Although, you can see I hit ‘start’ late… and the GPS did mess up a bit as I never crossed the river.

Once again, it was a short 30 minute run on the training calendar.  Not too hard – and with this heat, I was quite thankful of that.  I quickly got ready and headed towards the Upper Neuse Greenway (again).  Although… this time I turned left, instead of right.  Not much different, but it did give me some different trees to look at.  🙂

My run went well.  Surprisingly the greeenway was full of people at 6am.  I guess everyone had the same thought today!  Of course, when I say full of people, I mean I saw maybe a dozen other people during my 30 minutes.  Normally in the early mornings I only see deer and maybe a fox or two.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 29 minute run

Actual: 31:23 (3.29 miles @ 9:32/mile)