I love these short workouts this week!

My training plan is built off of a basic plan that includes 3 weeks of increasing load workouts, followed by a week of lower load workouts.  It is so nice when you hit that fourth week – suddenly everything becomes easy.  The workouts are cut by 33% or more.  It feels like I have tons of energy!

For example, last Wednesday my schedule called for a 38 minute run.  Granted, that isn’t terribly long… but when compared to today’s workout it is.  Today I was scheduled to get in only 23 minutes of running.  That 15 minute difference is huge – and allowed for me to go out and push my pace a bit, knowing I could easily make the full 23 minutes.

So with only 23 minutes to run, I pushed the pace for the first mile.  I didn’t look at my Garmin, I just focused on good form, fast turnover and pushing my limits.  When I heard the ‘chime’ from my watch indicating I hit the one mile marker, I glanced down to see how fast I went.  To my surprise, I just ran my first sub-9 minute mile – 8:49!  How about that – and I didn’t even feel that worn out.

I continued on, trying to keep the fast cadence for the remaining time.  I did slow down – I think it might be more of a mind game though.  I never felt ‘tired’ – but I allowed my feet to slow down.  The next 1.42 miles came in almost a minute/mile slower@ 9:44/mile.

All in all I feel great about the run this morning.  The weather was perfect, my legs felt great and I hit my fastest mile time to this point.

Not a bad way to start a Wednesday.

The map for today’s run.

Here is my pace chart for today’s run.  FYI – The big dips are where I turned around on the greenway.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 23 minute run

Actual: 22:42 run – 2.42 miles @ 9:22/mile