The never forgiving training calendar had me scheduled to do 38 minutes in my Brooks PureFlow running shoes today.  I tell you what… it was hot and humid this morning.  Man do I wish the weather could have stayed as nice as it was this past weekend.  Oh well, I guess I was just meant to get in a good solid sweat this morning!

And sweat I did…

I once again went for a morning run along the Upper Neuse Greenway – and once again came across the family of deer.  I still don’t have a good picture of them, but perhaps I will catch them posing for pictures on Saturday.  I got in 3.33 miles today at a decent pace of 9:48.  I really struggled during the end of the run with a major desire to get to a bathroom.  (Sorry, but it is true).  With that feeling, I cut my run a little short (only 5 minutes).

I did a quick analysis of my average pace since I started training (more accurately put, since I got my Garmin!).  Below is a chart that illustrates how just pounding the pavement on a regular basis will improve your speed.  Now, I recognize that I am not setting the world on fire with my pace, but you can see that steady work and commitment has really improved my fitness and in turn my average pace.  Not bad – and very encouraging.  Any guesses as to what my pace will be one year from now?

My average pace – the black line is the trendline… it looks good, no?

I will keep running – biking – and swimming.  I love seeing the times drop as well as the pounds dropping off!

Living life every day!

Today’s workout:

Plan: 38 minutes running

Actual: 32:40 – 3.33 miles @ 9:48/mile