1750 meters before 7am = The start of a good day.

Another beautiful morning in Raleigh.  I woke up with ease today after a good night’s sleep, ready to put in a good workout at the pool.  Once again, my 14 year old daughter joined me for the pool workout.  These workouts with her are great.  She can go at her pace – and I can go at mine.   But the whole time, we are right there next to each other, encouraging and commenting.  It is wonderful.

My workout called or 48 minutes in the pool.  I took that 48 minutes and broke it down into: 150 meter warm up, 3×200 meters @ race pace, 1×500 meters @ a slightly slower than race pace, 2×200 @ all out sprint pace, 1×100 cool down – for a total workout of 1750 meters, mostly at a good fast pace.  I only allowed myself a 10 second break between 200s and a 30 second break after the 500.

All in all it was a good workout.  I am very pleased with my swimming progress.  Plus, I really enjoyed having my daughter there working out with me.  (BTW, she got in ~850 meters).

Today’s workout:

Plan: 48 minutes in the pool

Actual: 48 minutes in the pool – 1750 meters.