Let me tell you a little about my Father’s Day.  It was a fantastic day spent mostly outdoors, doing all sorts of activities – both by myself and with my kids.  It was a perfect blend of serious training and relaxed family fun.

The day started off with my daughter and I heading to the pool to do some laps.  She swam on the local swim team last summer, but due to many reasons isn’t swimming this year.  I thought it would be good fun to take her to the pool and show her my swim workout, while she swam in the lane next to me doing 25 meter repeats.  I felt pretty good during my session, getting in 1750 meters – but the best part of the workout was enjoying this time with my daughter.  What a great way to start off the day.  Funny thing about swimming with my daughter.  I had a flashback to being young and back in St Louis.  I remembered swimming in our backyard pool with my Father – it actually made me choke up.  It was a nice memory to have while I was sharing a similar experience with my daughter.

Next it was home to enjoy a wonderful breakfast of French Toast w/ blueberries and pecans made by my wonderful wife.  After enjoying that decadent meal, it was time to spend some play time with the littlest Breakey.  She and I played with some puzzles and basically enjoyed being with each other.  Unfortunately, I had to cut this short because I had some actual work to do (bummer).  So, I spent the next 3 hours or so knocking out some work.

After working, it was time for another workout.  This time I was scheduled to go for a 1.5 hour ride.  I decided to go for 25 miles up towards Falls Lake.  Everything about the ride went well.  The weather was perfect, the cars were ‘nice’ and I was feeling good.  I rode at about 75-85% for most of the ride, keeping my heartbeat as close to 150 bpm as I could.  I really enjoyed the weather – and seeing all of the families out on the lake made me smile.  Everyone was having a good day.  I got my ride in – and was still feeling great.

View from the turnaround point on my training ride

Then – after a good training ride, I wanted to take my daughter out on her bike and get in another 5-6 miles with her.  We casually headed for the greenway and spent some real quality time together.  This 40 minute ride was more fulfilling than the training ride I just completed.  I need to do more of this!

Taken during my ride with my daughter on the Upper Neuse Greenway

Finally it was my boys’ turn.  We grabbed our baseball mitts and hit the backyard for a good game of catch.  It is amazing to see how much they have changed this season.  My oldest is getting so good at catching and throwing, it is almost to the point where I can actually throw it fairly hard to him.  My younger boy is getting better too.  He catches most, and has a great arm.  We played catch for about an hour while my wife was once again cooking an amazing meal.  

After hanging out with the boys, it was time for the wonderful dinner followed by a post-dinner family walk on the greenway.

The family walk

I found this Father’s Day to be one of my favorite ones to date.  It was so great to spend individual time with each of my kids as well as some quality time as a family.  Thank you family for making me feel special.  I appreciate it.

Oh – and yes, I finally loaded the Instagram app onto my phone.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 1:37 bike, 29 minute swim

Actual: 1:27:56 training on the bike (23.7 miles @ 16.2mph), 32:35 casual on the bike (5.52 miles @ 10.2mph), 45 minutes at the pool (1750 meters) + 1hr of baseball + 1hr family walk.  🙂