Just a quick post about my morning run today.  I was greeted on the Upper Neuse Greenway by a family of seven deer.  I tried to get a picture of them with my cell phone, but it didn’t turn out so good.  I am sure I will see them again, maybe next time they will wait for me to snap their picture!  I actually held a sub 9:35 pace  for the first mile and a 9:27 pace for mile 2 before slowing down to a 9:50+ pace for the last portion.  Things felt great and I am enjoying this new found leg speed!  Yes, I know that 9:30 miles are still slow… but they are better than my oh so recent 10:45 miles!

Today’s workout:

Plan: Run 29minutes

Actual: 25:06  –  2.58 miles at 9:44