This is my bike – it is an old Speacialized Allez.

Another day, another workout.  It is nice to wake up and not dread the morning ritual.  I set my alarm so that I could get up and get in my required time on the bike before the rest of the house started moving.  I know I have said it before, but these early morning workouts are great.  On my ride today I saw 2 deer within a couple of feet of me – 6 bunnies – and one fox.   I love riding around not knowing what I will see.  Plus, riding on the greenway is quiet and empty – two more reasons to look forward to the morning.

Today’s workout called for 53 minutes on the bike – but… when I was set to leave, I realized I didn’t have my Garmin 310xt on.  After a couple of minutes, I realized I left it on my office desk at work.  So, I was without a watch – but not without a GPS.  Luckily I have the mapmyrun app installed on my phone, so I started the app, put the phone in my shirt pocket and headed out.  It was only a few minutes later that I realized that I didn’t have a way to know if I had completed my 53 minutes (unless I were to stop and look at my phone).  Instead, I decided to ride the greenway to the end as hard as I could, then head back to the house.  That should be around 11 miles, sure… it would be short of 53 minutes, but still a good workout.

I rode hard on the way out – averaging 18.8 mph.  I pushed hard as I watched the night sky being taken over by sunlight.  That felt good.  But man, on the way back, I felt my pace dropping.  I kept pushing hard, but I knew I was slower.  Sure enough, after looking at the MapMyRun data, I came in at an average of 17.7mph for the full ride.  Not exactly setting the world on fire on the way home.  The ride is very flat, and there was no wind… so the only cause for a drop in speed was my lack of fitness.

I am still pleased with the workout – I got home before anyone was up… and felt great about my effort.  Push on til the day sums up my morning quite well.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 53 minutes on the bike

Actual: 35:39  – 10.52 miles.