My run has been feeling great since I finished the tri a couple of weeks ago.  I suddenly feel like I have more energy and can push the pace a bit more than I have.  If only this feeling was there on the morning of June 2nd!  Oh well.

So, feeling a little better about the run, I headed out to do my planned 35 minute run before work today.  I decided that I should do a 5k training run, rather than just a straight 35 minutes since the time difference is not much for someone who plods along like me.  I know exactly where to run from my house to hit a perfect 5k, so that was the plan.

Off I went.

I finished mile 1 at 9:44, which is not too bad for me.  Actually, it is quite good.   I have been running in the 10:00-10:15 range for weeks.  Mile #2 came in at 9:51.  Nice… things are going well.  Sure, that is a drop in speed, but not by too much.  I was feeling great.  My plan was to push on for the remaining distance (1.1miles) to see where I could end up… out of breath and feeling beat… I finished that last section in a scant 10:02…. giving me a total time of 29:37.  My first sub 30 minute 5k since I picked up training again.

I continued running for another 5 minutes to finish out the workout at a slower 10:45 pace.

It is great to see improvements.  I was pretty down on my running before the Gary Kirby Tri, but after these past few workouts, I am starting to feel better about it.  I actually see the possibility of being able to average 9:30 or better in my olympic tri in late September.

Feels good.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 35 minute run

Actual: 34:42 – and a new (albeit in training) PR for a 5k (29:37)