Things were so much simpler when I was training for the sprint tri.  Swim, Bike, Run, Swim, Bike Run, Day off.  rinse repeat.  Now things are so much different: Sun: Bike/Swim, Mon: Run, Tues: Swim, Wed: Run, Thur: Bike, Fri: Swim, Sat: Run.  —  It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as easily.

Today is Tuesday, so that means (let me check… um… ) swim.  Yes, swim.  ok.  44 minutes in the pool working on form and relaxation.  I can do that.  I hit the pool in the early hours of the day.  It is so nice to have be outdoors, in the slightly cool air doing laps.  I love it.  It is so quiet.  I settle in for my workout by starting with a simple 200 meter warm up at a slow pace.  Things feel good.   I then attack my workout plan and do 10x100m @ 2:05.  That gives me anywhere between 2-6 seconds of rest before I head out on the next 100 meters.  Just barely enough to take a few breaths.  This all becomes a struggle by my 7th 100m.  I find that my rest is only a couple of seconds (at most).  Ugh… keep pushing.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…  I finish the main set.  I then settle in for some 200 meter cruise speed sets to round out the workout.

And before long, my 44 minutes are up.   My next swim workout I will work on distance.  I hope to swim 750-1000 meters without a stop.  Wish me luck.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 44 minutes in the pool

Actual: 44 minutes in the pool (1800 meters)