Boy – I complete my first tri and I let this blog go quiet.  Not good.

Here is what I have been up to.  According to my new training plan, Saturday I was to do a 40 minute run.  This would be my first workout post finishing my Sprint tri back on June 2nd.  I was excited to get moving again – it is funny how taking a week off can feel strange after working out nearly every day for four months.  I began to feel lazy, tired and lacking motivation.  But, with the new plan in hand I was energized to go ‘get it’.  With that, I set out on Saturday for a nice leisurely run down the Upper Neuse Greenway.  My goal was to run a nice manageable pace and just enjoy being out on a beautiful day.  Now, mind you this run was late in the day (8:15pm), when I normally run first thing in the morning.  My early part of the day was filled with celebrating the end of the baseball season with the T-ball team I coach (Go Orioles!).  —  So, 8:15p it was.  Running at the end of the day is much different for reasons I will mention soon.

When I started the run, I felt great.  I was moving at a great pace (for me).  I finished the first mile at a 9:37 pace.  Still feeling great I kept my legs moving, resisting the urge to slow down or stop.  Taking the week off seemed to make my legs feel very fresh.  I finished mile two at 9:52, while slower than mile one, it was still a good pace for me.  Then things started to change.  I started to have bad stomach cramps.  I kept it going for as long as I could, getting close to the end of mile number 3 at a 10 minute pace.  However, things got worse.  — From this point and avoiding TMI, I will leave details out… but the good thing is that I did make it home before things got extremely desperate!  Ugh… working out in the morning is so much more predictable!

Saturday workout:

Plan: 40 minute run

Actual: 36:58 (3.44 miles @ 10:32 pace)



Things are back full speed.  Sunday called for a 1hr 26 minute bike ride (and a 26 minute swim that I moved to Monday).  I was really looking forward to this bike ride all week.  I wanted to get out on the road and just ride.  I can allow my mind to relax, forget the stress of my life and just enjoy watching the world go by.  I set out to ride north out of my neighborhood and then head west towards Falls Lake.  I enjoy the ride down 98 as it is a nice rolling road with plenty of room for me and the cars (and giant Share The Road signs).  Here is a view from where I turned around.

View of Falls Lake from ride on Highway 98

One thing I should note is that it was 91* F during my ride.  Yep, I chose to ride at 1:30pm on one of the hottest days we have had so far this year.  I wasn’t feeling great due to the heat, but I kept moving along and eventually felt better after drinking through my Gatorade and water (refilled at mile 11 thanks to a very convenient convenience store).  I finished out the ride and was very pleased with my effort.  While my pace wasn’t as strong as my Saturday run… it was still ok, especially in this heat.

Sunday’s workout:

Plan: 1:26 bike ride

Actual: 1:13:54 @ 16.2mph