OK – the rest and relaxation is over.  It is time to get serious about training for the Olympic distance triathlon in September.  The distances get a little more serious, so the training needs to match.  I was dedicated to perform well for my first triathlon, I am equally dedicated to perform well at my first Olympic distance.

The race I have chosen is the OBX Olympic Triathlon in Manteo, NC – on Sept 22nd.

As a point of comparison – Here are the distance differences between the Sprint and Olympic:

Swim:  300 meters vs. 1500 meters

Bike: 12 miles vs. 24.5 miles

Run: 5 kilometers vs. 10 kilometers.

So, you can easily see that the swim is the greatest increase – and also the discipline that I struggled with during my sprint (thanks to the hurt hand).  I have pulled together a training plan that I will use to prepare myself for this event.  I will follow it as closely as I can, allowing for some issues along the way.

Would you like to see the plan?  Here it is… check it out.

 Download the full plan in MS Excel here: AB_SprintToOlympic_Plan

Yes – those are two-a-days every single Sunday between now and the race!  Also, please note the numbers indicate minutes spent working out in that discipline (not miles!).  There is a lot of time and dedication shown on that plan — but I think I can do it.  Especially now that my baseball coaching duties are over!

So – follow along… encourage me… I will likely need it!

Thanks – Adam