Please see my previous post about my trip to the zoo to see what else I did this wonderful holiday weekend – but in addition to the trip to the zoo, I also got in a couple of workouts.

My Sunday – workout

My first came when we arrived at my in-laws house.  I changed clothes and jumped on my bike for a 20 mile ride on the roads between Clayton and Wendell, North Carolina — oh… and it was HOT.  My training plan had me down for a 90 minute ride, but I didn’t want to hold up any dinner plans should my ride take longer than 90 minutes, so I planned to ride an out and back ride – 10 miles out, 10 miles back.  This would guarantee that even if I rode slowly – say 15 mph, I would still be back at the 90 minute commitment… and if I pushed it, I would be back sooner.  That seemed to make sense to me, so I jumped on the bike and took off.

The ride was hot.  Very hot.  Like 87 degrees hot.  And sunny.  Very sunny.  Like no clouds sunny.  My pace on the out portion was pretty good, although I did have a mile or two where I was feeling very drained and zapped of energy.  Remember, this ride is coming in at 2pm after spending the morning at the zoo (in the heat) and the lunchtime hours in the car driving to the in-laws house.  So, I definitely wasn’t my usual self.  But, I pushed on – telling myself how happy I would be if I didn’t cut the ride short.

Finally my Garmin watch indicated 10 miles, so I slowed down, pulled a U-turn and headed back.  I was drinking a lot of water and some Gatorade to keep hydrated in this heat, but I wasn’t sure if I was over doing it or falling short.  I haven’t ridden in this level of heat before, so it was all a learning process.  I tried to listen to my body – but sometimes it is hard to interpret.

As the miles clicked off, I felt a little better.  I started to focus on just a good solid cadence – and staying in aero as much as possible.  This seemed to help a lot.  I started to feel good and strong.  I pushed things hard those final three miles.  I wanted to finish strong.

I did.  And I felt great!

Sunday’s workout:

Plan: 90 minute ride

Actual: 20.05 miles (1:10:10)


and now on to what I did on Monday…..

My Monday – workout

My second workout came on Monday.  My training plan called for a 35 minute run, but I decided to add a brick workout to the day, rather than just a run.  Today I was going to try out my new triathlon suit by doing a 300 meter pool swim immediately followed by a 5k.  These two workouts were to be completed on the actual race course for the Gary Kirby Triathlon this weekend.

I finished my swim in a slow, but respectable time, quickly threw on my Brooks Pureflow running shoes and took off running.  Of course I looked ridiculous being completely soaking wet, wearing a silly tri-suit running the streets of Bedford…. But it was needed.  I finished my 5k run inside of my goal time – so I felt great about that.  I am still slow – but hey… I am running, I am swimming and I am biking more than the vast majority of people in this world.  What is not to be proud of?

Pride is a strange thing… We are taught that pride is dangerous, that pride is a deadly sin.  I am not so sure I buy into that.  I think that people who take pride in themselves treat themselves better than those who leave pride on the doorstep.  I take pride in my physical improvements. I take pride in my dedication to my training.  I take pride in the family my wife and I have created.  I take pride in my work.  How can feeling proud about your accomplishments be a deadly sin?  I guess maybe you can take it too far.

Oh well.  I am proud.

– Adam

Monday’s workout

Plan: 35 minute run

Actual: BRICK: 300 meter pool swim (6:02), followed by a 5k (31:38)