The holiday weekend.  A wonderful three straight days off from work in a row.  Loving it!

This post is a bit late – so I will first write about my holiday weekend (non-triathlon related) and then in a second post talk about my training.

Friday at work was a bit stressful – I knew that I had a lot of work to get done, so I kept my head down and tried to knock out as much as I could so I could enjoy the weekend without having to think about my work.  With that crossed off the list, it was time to head home and start the long weekend.

My weekend plan included my wife and I taking the baby to the NC zoo for the first time.  She is obsessed with animals (loves giraffes, lions and elephants thanks to the mural I painted on her wall).  The plan included us joining the NC zoological society, which in turn gives the whole family free access to the zoo for 2 years.  So, with that level of free access we decided to split our trip into two days.  Saturday morning we would drive to Asheboro and check out the animals in the morning, then spend the afternoon at the hotel’s pool (the zoo is 2hrs away from home).  Then we would head back to the zoo on Sunday to spend another morning with the animals before heading to the in-laws for dinner later that night.

Day 1 at the zoo.

We decided to spend today in ‘Africa’.  The NC Zoo is broken into two huge sections – Africa and North America.  We wanted to get the baby to her favorite animals as soon as possible to increase her excitement.  Well, that plan worked perfectly.  Immediately after walking into the zoo, we were face to face with five giraffes.  The baby was excited.  She kept pointing and smiling.  It is such a great thing to see that level of joy in your child.  After the giraffes we meandered around the Africa section, taking in the elephants, zebras, rhinos, gorillas, chimps, lemurs, baboons, and more.  After a quick (and early) lunch, we headed for the car in the hopes that we could get to the hotel before the baby fell asleep.  Well, that plan failed.  We weren’t even out of the parking lot when her eyes shut and the zzzzz’s start flowing.  Oh well… plan ‘b’.  Plan B included my wife and I driving around the triad of North Carolina for an hour and a half while we let the baby sleep.  — After this grand tour, we finally made our way to the hotel and found ourselves poolside for an afternoon swim.  After that, it was time to find some dinner and end our day.  It was a great day filled with a lot of joy and excitement.

Day 2 at the zoo.

Our original plan for day 2 was to spend it in ‘North America’… however we made an audible and chose to go back to the well and see Africa again.  We had missed the aviary during Day 1, so we knew we wanted to add that to the mix (I am a huge bird fan… so more correctly said, I didn’t want to miss it).  We also decided to add in the Grizzly Bear from N-America’s side to our list today.  Luckily the Grizzly Bear is the last animal on the N-American side, so it was easy to add it to our day.  So, we started again at the giraffes, saw the Lions sitting majestically on their rocks, watched a gorilla climb, saw a baby chimpanzee, made our way to the aviary and then we made it to ‘junction plaza’.  That is the area that connects Africa to N-America.  This would be a non-event for most people, but the baby is obsessed with carousels – of which they have a nice one here in Junction Plaza.  So, to the ticket booth we went.  — After two rides (one with Mommy and one with Daddy) it was time to move on.  We quickly made our way to the Grizzly Bear, finding him playing in the waterfall.  He was the only one able to cool off on this hot day.  After seeing ‘Buster’, we grabbed an ice cream for the baby (to distract her while we walked by the carousel once again) – and headed for the elephants and rhinos one more time.   Then it was time to go.

We headed out of the zoo just in time for the baby to take a nap on the slightly over two hour ride to the in-laws house.  Once at the in-laws, I was able to get some triathlon training in, and then enjoy a really nice meal cooked by my mother-in-law.

After reaching ‘full’, it was time to head home.  It was a great weekend spent enjoying one of North Carolina’s great assets.  I only wish my other three kids were there to enjoy it with us.

Living and loving life!

Thanks for reading.

– Adam