My first outdoor pool swim was this morning.  I finally ran out of ‘punches’ to my pool near work, so I instead headed to my neighborhood pool for my workout before heading to the office.  Today was a simple 900 yard workout – which should have been a breeze.  I should have finished each 100y in about 1:45-50 and be done very quickly.   However, when I finished my first 100, I looked at my time and it was 1:57.  WOW.  Was I not awake yet?  Was I tired?  What was going on?

So, I dug deep for my second 100 yards and as I was finishing, I felt horrible – my form was bad, I was out of breath, everything was falling apart.  I finished in 1:58!  What in the H#$%?   This was terrible.  I am only a few days away from my first triathlon – in this very pool, and I am sucking wind and going slow!  UGH.

After grinding through the full 900 yards I got out of the pool, dejected, disappointed and angry.  I was wandering around when I saw the swim team records board.  I decided to check it out – and then noticed…. this pool is in METERS, not yards!  UGH.   Each meter is 1.0936133 yards… and believe me, that .0936133 makes a difference!

My times of 1:57-1:59 convert to 1:45-1:47!  That feels better.

UGH.  What a day to start the day.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 900y swim

Actual:  984y swim (900 meters)