The alarm just keeps setting itself for these awful times in the morning.  Today it was 5:15am.  Although, would you believe that I didn’t need it today?  I actually woke up before the alarm went off!

I woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.  Made my way downstairs and had a cup… looking up, I noticed I was late.  AHHH.  It is was now 5:30 and I needed to be on my bike by now.  Good thing that last night I was smart enough to set up everything for my brick workout this morning.  So, I quickly went to the garage and hopped on the bike and headed out.  Today I was to ride for 60 minutes and run for 20 more immediately after the ride (also known as a brick workout).

It was still dark out when I started moving, but light was quickly on its way.  I headed to the greenway where I wanted to see  how fast of a pace I could hold if I stayed down on the flats of the greenway, rather than the hills of the neighborhood for the full 60 minutes.  It was a bit of a personal challenge to see if I could reach 18mph average over 60 minutes.  Pretty crazy since the fastest average I have sustained to date was just barely over 17mph.

With that, I pushed it – attempting to leave nothing in the tank for my 20 minute run.  I wanted to see just how far I could push it and still get through everything.  At 56:43 I pulled back into my garage and started my transition.  The transition went well – but I almost forgot to grab a drink of water before heading out.  I need that to become more of a habit, as I don’t want to feel like I need a drink before I hit the first aid station during the triathlon.

Now that is FLAT!!

The run took me to the same flat greenway behind our house.  It was a beautiful morning, the birds were singing, the deer were staring at me and the path was empty.  I definitely didn’t have much in the tank after my ride, but I did manage to get in my run without a walk break – albeit at a slow pace.

I made my way back to the house and felt good about getting in such a hard workout before the family was up and moving.  I quickly transitioned from workout mode – to Daddy mode and got the kids ready for their day at school.

Oh – and I hit my goal!  I averaged 18.3mph during my bike ride!  That is my fastest average to this point.  I love seeing improvement!

Not a bad morning.

Today’s workout:

Plan: BRICK – 60m bike/20m run

Actual: 56:43 bike ride (18.3mph over 17.3 miles), 1:51 transition, 17:33 run (10:40/mile over 1.65 miles)