Sunday.  You know… Sundays used to be a slower, more relaxed day.  That isn’t the case any more.  With four kids to chase around town, long workouts to get in, a house and yard to keep looking good and a wife to try to spoil – I have very little ‘down time’.  Not that I am complaining.  I love every part of it, but weekends just fly by now.

Today was no exception.  We had invited some close friends over for dinner, so not only did  I have my normal Sunday items to do, but we added in preparing a large Italian meal for the 6 of us and our 4 guests.  Again, not that I am complaining… we love having friends over for dinner.

So, with the need to prepare a dinner, clean a house and take care of 4 kids – spoiling my wife and my workout moved down the priority list.  We worked out a schedule that should everything go as planned would allow me to get my 60 minutes of pain long run in during the baby’s nap (around 12:30 or so).  So with that, we went and attacked the day.

House gets cleaned, groceries get purchased, food gets prepped, yard gets ‘yardworked’.   Then, it is nap time.  The plan was for me to drop the three older kids at the pool and then go for a run from there, then return to pick them up one hour later.  This plan worked well.

My run was fairly uneventful, although I did do what I could to pick up the pace with some longer strides early in the run.  My feet were moving well – and I felt pretty good.  I took off towards the Greenway again and ran 25 minutes away from the pool – figuring that my return would be slower (uphill and tired).  Well, it turns out, I got back to the pool 10 minutes early – so I ran past it and got in the remaining 10 minutes.  —  Oh, I did roll my right ankle on the side of the paved trail – which scared me, but there are no ill effects of the rolled ankle.  So, all is ok.

My training for the June 2nd triathlon is nearing its end and I am feeling good.  The funny thing is that prior to all of this training, I would have said that running would be my strong suit, followed by bike then swim.  But that is completely wrong.  Swim is my best, followed by my bike then the run.  A couple of years ago I ran a half marathon at a flat 10 minute pace over the 13.1 miles… now, I struggle to keep a 10:30 pace for 3.1 miles.  I think before my next tri, I need to adjust my training to account for my lack of running ability.

After my workout, the dinner was finished and the appetizers prepared.  Our friends showed up, and we enjoyed some great conversation and delicious food.  It was a great day – which was part of a very quick weekend.

Looking forward to the long weekend coming up!

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 60 minute run

Actual: 59:46 at an average pace of 11:02