My day is filled with baseball today.  My oldest son had a game this morning and now my younger son has one very soon.  So, in order to get my workout in, I needed to move fairly early this morning.

I was on the road just a hair after 7 am, on my way to a 31 mile bike ride that included riding down the Neuse River Greenway, then through the neighborhood, then out on the road that surround parts of Falls Lake.  I mapped out my route on MapMyRun so that I would be gone for my needed 2 hour ride.

Things went well on the ride, although I was feeling a little tired around mile 24 or so.  This route was much hillier (once I was off of the greenway) than I expected, and all those hills took their toll.

This chart shows the hills I had the pleasure to ride.

I finished the ride – and was very happy to be done before most people are really moving on a Saturday morning.


Here is a map of my ride.  The start was delayed due to an error on my Garmin

After a quick shower, I was off to my son’s baseball game.  Now… after that, I am writing this before heading out to the next game that starts in one hour.  Whew.  Busy day.

Two hours of hard bike riding – 1733 calories burned – and still getting to watch/coach my son’s baseball teams.

Loving life.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 120 minute bike

Actual: 2:02 bike ride at 15.73mph (31.98 miles)