5:20am.  It is dark and quiet at 5:20am.  As much as I dislike waking up early, I really enjoy working out in the quiet.  Today’s workout included a LONG brick workout.  70 minutes of bike, followed by a quick transition to 35 minutes of running.  That is an hour and 45 minutes of hard, full effort exercise.  Yep.  5:20am, it is dark and quiet… but I am out there killing it.

My ride started out with me riding 20 minutes through the neighborhood, on roads I am very familiar with by now.  I stayed on the neighborhood streets because they are fairly well lit – and when riding, I prefer to be able to be seen.  After the sun came up, I headed for the Upper Neuse Greenway multi-use trail.  This was perfect for today.  It was empty at that time of the morning and allowed me to push my pace on nicely paved flat trail.  Also, while riding along the river, you have the opportunity to see some wildlife.  Today’s ride gave me a nice view of several deer, a beautiful fox, a large black snake and a red tailed hawk.  Not a bad set of sightings on one ride.

After my time on the Greenway, I returned to the neighborhood to finish my 70 minutes.  I was really pushing to finish with an average over 17 miles per hour (would be my fastest workout to date).  At the one hour mark, I saw that I had traveled 16.94 miles, so I knew I was close.  I really pushed it hard for the remaining time in the saddle and hit my goal.  I finished the ride with an average of 17.1 mph.  Now… to the transition.

I quickly put my bike on the rack, pulled off my cycling shoes, threw on a pair of running shorts (over my cycling bibs, since no one wants to see me run in those).  Switched shirts, put on my running shoes and left for my run.  Total transition time (including waiting for the garage door to open) – 1:29.  I will be much faster than this during  a race, since I will not be changing shirts, nor will I be pulling on running shorts.

To the run… I took off at a nice pace, my body wanted to go faster, but I knew I had 35 minutes of punishment still to go, so I held back.  My left foot had a strange hotspot right in the center of the foot for about the first 1/2 mile.  I was a little concerned, but kept moving.  I then had a small side stitch pain, but again… kept moving.  After about 3/4 of a mile, my body was OK with me running and allowed me to go the rest of the time relatively pain free.

My run is still slow, but I am doing it.  I got my 3 miles in (well, actually 2.98).

I feel great that I was able to get in 22 miles this morning.  That is my longest early morning workout to date.  I am proud that I didn’t let the snooze button ruin a good morning.  I am happy that I didn’t short my workout (by much).  I am glad that I still made it to work on time.  All in all a good morning.

So, by 7:30, I had already finished 1:40 minutes of exercise – traveling just shy of 22 miles and burning close to 1800 calories.  Yep… 5:20, it may be dark, but it is great to be able to accomplish so much before most people roll out of bed.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: BRICK – 70m bike/35m run

Actual: 1:06:38 bike ride (17.1mph), 1:29 transition, 32:13 run (10:48/mile)