Tuesday… that means it is time to get in a swim workout.  I love my Tuesday swim sessions.  They are usually coming off of a rest day, so I feel like I have energy – and they really provide a nice break to the early part of the work week.   Plus, who doesn’t like spending time at the pool?

Today I had a simple 900 yard workout on the schedule.  It is funny, just a few weeks ago I struggled to swim more than 25 yards without stopping to catch my breath.  Now I look at 900 yards as a simple workout on the schedule.

I started with a 100 yard warm up, then a 300 yard set, followed by 10×50@60 seconds for the rest of the workout.  Everything went according to plan – and my shoulder felt much better than last week.  I didn’t push the pace today, nor did I go for a much longer workout.  I decided to do a max of 1000 yards today at a slower pace to make sure to save the shoulder.  It worked.  I feel great.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 900y swim

Actual:  1000y swim