Happy Mother’s Day!  This was a great day of food, a long bike ride and even more food.

My day today consisted of a few priorities.  Number one priority was to take care of my wonderful wife.  It is her day, so it is all about being focused on her.  It started by me taking care of my little girl when she woke up this morning (allowing Mommy to sleep in).  Then I baked up this wonderful (if I do say so myself) French Toast with Blueberries bread pudding for breakfast.  It turned out fantastic – and we enjoyed it while sitting on the screened porch, enjoying the morning.  Next on the agenda was to begin prepping dinner.  Yes – I was thinking about dinner at 10am in the morning.  My plan was to make my wife’s favorite duck breast dish, but alas – there was no fresh duck breast to be found in Raleigh.  So, I went to a second choice – Roast Leg of Lamb with Pommes Anna and Swiss Chard.  Going with a roasted leg of lamb required me to get started on it early… so, that is why I was thinking about dinner at 10am.

After getting the food started, it was close to time for the baby to take her nap.  Which then led me to my time to get my workout in.  I worked out a plan with my wife earlier in the week.  I would get the baby down for her nap, pack up the car for a trip to her Mother’s house and then I would leave on my bike about an hour before the baby was due to wake up.  Where was I going on my bike?  Well… I was going to ride the 30+ miles to her Mother’s house, meeting up with her down there.  I figured it would take me around 1:50-2hours to ride down there, which would have me arriving around 15 minutes after she did.

So, I packed up my change of clothes, put the bike rack on the minivan, put my cue sheet on my bike and got ready to go for my ride.

The ride could be broken down into four segments.  The first was a nice ride down the Upper Neuse Greenway trail.  This path is wonderfully paved, wide and flat… I was able to hold 19mph for the first few miles – only seeing three other people on the trail over 6 miles.  It was great.

The second segment started with me exiting the greenway and having to walk 0.75 miles to get to pavement again.  I didn’t expect the connector to be gravel, but it was.  So, instead of risking a puncture, I chose to dismount the bike and walk it to the next road.  Not fun!

The third segment is what I call hell.  It was four fairly steep climbs in a row – but what made it hell was the fact that the clouds decided to let loose with a major downpour.  It was miserable.  I had to deal with the rain, wind and hills for about 6 or 7 miles.

The fourth segment is the ‘road home’.  This was a nice series of rolling hills, nothing too difficult – but unfortunately, I was riding directly into a major headwind the rest of the ride.  And to add insult to injury… it was raining off and on during this section.  I kept telling myself… just keep going, just keep going.  I did and I made it.

Finally arriving at my in-laws house (exactly 15 minutes after my wife and baby arrived), I was soaked, had crazy aromas coming out of every pore and I was beat.   That headwind really messed with me.  I quickly cleaned up and joined the family.

After a nice visit with the in-laws, we packed up the car and headed home.

I then finished preparing the lamb and the rest of dinner.  The dinner turned out great. I love it when my wife gives me such great feedback… she loved it.

It was a good day.  I got to celebrate my wife – and I still got in my workout.

Life in balance.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 110 minute bike

Actual: 1:58 bike ride at 15.96mph