The long run… the one workout during the week that I dread the most.  I really am beginning to enjoy swimming and biking because I see improvements in my endurance and speed – but when it comes to running, I feel like I am not making the same improvements.  I am certain that I am, but it just doesn’t appear that way to me.

Today was scheduled to be a 55 minute run – which I again chose to do around my neighborhood.  It is wonderful living in such a nice location, with plenty of tree lined streets and quiet greenway paths to run along.

My run started well, the first two miles went by with little issue, but then mile three hit.  My legs got heavy and my heart rate increased a few extra beats per minute.  I fought through it for awhile, but eventually gave in and began a run/walk pace that would get me to the end.  I wasn’t happy that I had to do that, but I recognize that sometimes you need to listen to your body and just slow down.  I will attack the bike tomorrow, but today it was about getting in my 55 minutes.

I did.  Whew.  And I didn’t ‘short’ my time!

Today’s workout:

Plan: 55 minute run

Actual: 55:01 at an average pace of 11:47