Another lunchtime swim workout.  These are getting a bit long, either I have to pick up the pace, or find a better time to do them.  1100 yards is about the max I think I can expect to do during lunch, and my workouts go up to 1200 yards next week.

My workout went well.  I still feel a little stiffness in my left shoulder, so I definitely didn’t pull hard on that side.  What that did allow me to do is to focus on a good right arm pull and a lot of focus on my balance in the water.  So, all was not lost.  I am pleased with my progress to date.  Actually, I just changed my ‘dial-in’ time for my swim for my first tri on June 2nd.  When I registered, I dialed in a time of 2:15/100 yards.  I just committed to a new dial in time of 1:46/100yards!  I know that isn’t a screaming fast time… but it is basically 30 seconds per 100 faster than I expected to be at by next month.

So, with only a handful of swim sessions left before my first triathlon, I am feeling pretty good.  I think I will finish in the front of the pack for my division in the swim… so, that is good.  Of course, the bike and the run are also calculated in my total time, so who knows where I will end up in my group overall.  🙂

Today’s workout:

Plan: 1100y swim

Actual:  1100y swim