Brick number two is in the books.  I was pumped up to get my workout in this morning.  I had no trouble getting out of bed at the crazy early hour of 5:20am.  I was a little afraid that it was going to be raining, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it dry, albeit with some serious humidity in the air.

My brick called for an hour ride, then a quick transition to a 10 minute run.  Simple enough, right?

I do most of my riding in my neighborhood (Bedford) since it is close and since it hosts a sprint tri every year (my first one will be the Bedford Tri).  I normally ride the loop from the race — over and over and over again.  Today I wanted to try something a little different – so instead of doing my normal loop, I continued straight, all the way to the end of the neighborhood (about 3 miles).  I then looped around, heading back the way I came – turning onto my ‘normal loop’ a couple of miles later.

The addition of those extra couple of miles to my loop were great.  For one thing there is a long steep hill that I could practice my climbing on… but even more so than that, on the return leg, I got to fly down that hill at 38mph.  Talk about fun.

After doing my revised loop a couple of times, I was nearing the end of my 60 minutes, so I did a short out and back, before pulling into the garage for the transition.

I shed my cycling jersey and my shoes, I slipped on (over the cycling bib) a t-shirt and some running shorts, then put on my Brooks running shoes and off I went.  My transition went fairly well.  I did have something in my running shoe that I had to get out (mental note to check shoes before I set up my transition), so that slowed me down.  But all in all, I did fairly well with it.

Then the run.  I targeted getting in 1 mile during my 10 minute run.  That would be a good pace for me, especially on tired legs.  Well, things didn’t quite go that well, but they didn’t go bad either.  I ended up getting in 0.96 miles at a 10:19 pace.  Slower than I wanted, but not too bad.  Of course, over a 5k that would be more than a minute off of my goal time.  I need to dig deeper during my run.  BTW, my heart rate increased during the second half of the run to a crazy 160bpm.

I am pleased with my effort.  I think my cycling is improving greatly and my run is where I expected it to be.  I still have a few weeks left before my first race… I think I need to start adding more runs to my weekly workouts.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: BRICK – 60m bike/10m run

Actual: 56:13 bike ride (16.62mph), 1:36 transition, 09:56 run (10:19/mile)