Today I only had a short amount of time during lunch for a swim workout, so I had to be efficient.  I decided that I would do a test swim at the distance for the Gary Kirby Triathlon – which is my first triathlon coming up on June 2nd.  The tri is a short 300y pool swim, followed by a 12 mile bike and a 5k run.  I looked at the times for last year’s clydesdale athletes for this event to see what my target should be – which ranged from a low of 5:55 to a high of 8:12.  —  I know I have been averaging a faster 100y pace than the fastest time here, but could I hold it up for the full distance?  Let’s test it to find out…

I got to the pool later than usual to find the pool very busy.  Luckily I found a lane with only one person in it and asked to split it.  As luck would have it, she was about done, just a couple of cool down laps to do before she packed it in.  Great.  I will do a quick 100 yard warm up, then take off for my time trial.

The warm up went well, I was feeling good and gliding well.  —  Now it was time.  I told myself to “use this as a serious practice for your first ever tri”.  And with that, I hit my start button on my watch and I pushed off.  I was testing a new technique to keep track of laps.  I had to do six laps to reach 300 yards – it just so happens that my family has six people in it.  I started youngest to oldest and would focus on thinking of the wonderful person they are, all of the things I love doing with them, important moments in our lives together, etc.  This was great.  It would give me something to focus on, and an easy way to know when I was on my home stretch.  And then, there it was… I was focusing on me.  What I like about me, what I am proud of, what I should celebrate more – and suddenly, I was done.  I hit the stop button on my watch and sure enough… my time came in at 5:38.6.  That is more than 15 seconds faster than the next closest clyde from last year’s event (and would be 4th fastest in my age group).  Sweet.  And I still have more training to do before the event.  I can get faster!

After that time trial, I settled in for another 300 yards of easy pace swimming before heading to the showers and back to work.

I guess I need to adjust my ‘dial in’ time for the swim portion of the triathlon.  I am set right now to swim 2:00/100y right now… and I am much faster than that already.  That is a good problem to have.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: Rest day

Actual:  700y (including a 300y time trial)