It is another Friday… and with that, another lunch break at the pool.  Today my training plan only had me down for 600 yards.  However, since I missed so much this past week, I felt like upping that to 1200.  I know I shouldn’t feel bad about missing a workout, but I was beating myself up a bit.  So, doubling the super short workout would be my ‘punishment’.  This wasn’t that big of a deal, since I have already hit the 1200y mark before.  I got to the pool and found a lane and settled in for a nice easy pace 1200 yards.  I decided to swim 12x100y @ 2:05 for my workout.

I found something in my stroke today.  I realized I wasn’t pulling as hard with my right arm (dominant) as I was with my left.  I really focused on a strong right arm pull – and I saw my times drop by a few seconds per 100.  This was great.  However, I have a really bad habit of reverting to the lazy pull, so I had to focus hard to keep that pull strong.

It was a good day at the pool.  It was great to get in a nice workout again.  Tomorrow is an easy run… and then Sunday I have my first group ride.  It is 30.1 miles through the hills south of Raleigh.  I am looking forward to it.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 600y swim

Actual: 1200y swim