I was determined to go for a run outside while I was in Las Vegas this week.  Unfortunately, my work schedule had me occupied from 6:45am until 7:30 at night.  This didn’t leave much time for getting in a workout.  I was able to squeeze in a spin cycle session (see earlier post) that was great, but I really wanted to get outside.  My only opportunity to do this was on my last day there, which was yesterday.   –  But let me back up to Tuesday night.

Tuesday night I was finally done with my work obligations, so I set out to find a nice meal and to play a little poker.  I settled on eating at Michael Mina in The Bellagio.  The food was fantastic – and I got in on the ‘pre-theater’ menu, which saved about $45!  I had a fantastic Tuna Tartare for an appetizer, followed by the best sole dish I have ever had – phyllo crusted sole – paired with a nice glass of a Resling from Alsace.  It was divine.   This was all followed by a root bear float for dessert.  I cannot remember the last time I had a root beer float, but it was great.  Very tasty all around.  — Oh, and I conned the bartender into giving me a nice taste of the Silver Oak Cab – yum.  — After dinner, I headed to the poker tables for some small stakes poker.  It was fun, I enjoy playing out there.  Professional dealers make such a difference.  I played well, but ended up busted when I felt my set of Queens was good.  It ended up being second best – to a set of Kings.  It is tough losing, but at least I lost it set over set.  — After that, it was time for bed.

I woke up – well, not really woke up…. I pried my eyes open enough to order some breakfast – and here is where the mistake happened.  I ordered pancakes with a large orange juice.  This would end up being a poor choice.

After letting that digest a bit, I decided to go for a 35 minute run around Vegas.  I left my hotel and headed away from the strip and towards the Palms/Rio area of Vegas.  The day was nice, not a cloud in the sky, but it was warm…. and dry.  The first mile went well, right at 10 m/m – then all hell broke loose.  I had the worst side stitch I have ever experienced at about mile 2.  I ended up having to walk much of the last mile home in some pain.  I am sure I didn’t drink enough water before the run, and that the large amount of juice and a pure carb breakfast caused the issue.  But, it wasn’t any fun… actually, it was quite miserable.

Back to the hotel, shower, pack, then to the airport for a miserable flight home.

Fun.  Glad to be home again!

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 35 minute run

Actual: 35:30 at an average pace of 11:42