Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but with four missed workouts in the past two weeks I felt the need to skip the rest and get in a workout.  I feel like my swim fitness is in the most need for improvement, so I settled in on a good 1000y swim today during lunch.  I had no real agenda, other than swim more, swim faster and take less breaks.  With those as goals, I headed to the pool during lunch.  (and no… that isn’t me in the picture 😛  )

It was a great workout today.  I felt fast, but more importantly, I felt that I could swim much longer than I could just a couple of weeks ago.  Heck, I remember my first workouts having to stop every 25 yards!  Now I am swimming 100-150 yards at 1:40-1:45/100y.  I still need to improve this… as my first sprint is a short 300 yard pool swim.  I am confident I will be ready, but I sure would like to be ready now!  I watch the more experienced swimmers go 1000 yards without stopping and I am in awe.  I know that if I stick to my training plan that I will too be there one day – and that I just need to be patient and put in the time.  But sometimes it would just be nice to be there already.

At least I can pat myself on the back for getting an extra workout in this week.  And if I get to the pool 3x this week, I will be happy.

Here are the easy details:

Today’s workout:

Plan: rest day

Actual: 1000y swim