yep – today was another wet day.  It was actually wet enough out that my younger son’s baseball game was canceled, which opened up a couple of hours in the day (which quickly filled up again).  My training plan today had me doing a 45 minute run.  I was looking forward to getting past a mental hurdle and doing a run in a light rain.  Yesterday I bailed on my ride around halfway through due to a sudden downpour.  Today I was not going to do that.  I was going to finish.

I set out to run 22:30 away from my house, knowing that I would have to keep my inward pace the same in order to finish at 45 minutes.  This also assured me of not quitting my run early.  I was going to do it all. I also wanted to set a quick pace for the outward portion (at least the first mile), so I took off at a 10 minute mile (remember, that is quick for me).  My second mile was a bit slower (ok… a lot slower).  But by the time I reached my turnaround time, I was feeling good and was running at an average below my 11 minute goal.

At the turnaround, the rain started getting heavier – plus it was cold outside.  So my hands were uncomfortable, but everything else was fine.  I noticed something for the first time – my Brooks PureFlow shoes have essentially a mesh top to them (which I knew) – but when the cool wind started kicking in on the return section of the run, I could feel my feet getting the cool breeze, which caused my feet to get a little cold.  But that wasn’t a big deal, just something I have never felt before.  Around this time, I noticed a slight twinge in my left ankle.  Nothing too bad, but I did notice it.  I didn’t stop my run and the pain went away within three strides… but I need to keep an eye on it to make sure I am not hurting myself.

My inward portion was a little slower than the way out… but not too bad.  I had set a goal of running this 45 minutes at an 11 min/mile pace.  I ended up finishing at an 11:09 pace.  Not too bad.  BTW, my 3rd mile of this run clocked in at 10:59.99.  I guess that counts as an 11 min/mile.

All in all it was a good, cold, wet run.  But I feel great now – and I am pleased with my effort.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 45 minute run

Actual: 44:47 at an average pace of 11:09