Today was another crazy busy day as a father of 4.  I had to do some work around the house, take my oldest boy to a birthday party, take the same boy to his baseball game, umpire said game, and get in a training ride.  Oh – and it was supposed to rain.

So with those priorities on the list for today and the threat of rain, I made certain that I knocked out the work around the house before I tackled anything personal.  Today was planting day, which meant moving a few hundred pounds of soil conditioner and top soil to the back where the vegetable garden is.  We have been growing all sorts of peppers, tomatoes, basil, spinach and the like in a mini-table-top greenhouse for the past few weeks, but now it is time to put them in the veggie garden.  Once that was taken care of, it was time to feed the kids and get the oldest boy packed up for the birthday party.  I got him dropped off and planned to use the approximately two hours between drop off and pick up to get my ride in.  By the time I got home and ready to ride, that two hours was reduced to 90 minutes.  After some discussion, my wife agreed to pick up the oldest boy at the end of the party so I could get my whole ride in.  Excellent – and very much appreciated.

With that problem solved, I set out.  Today’s agenda included an 80 minute ride.  I planned to ride the Gary Kirby bike route 6-7 times for those 80 minutes.  All was going well (a low bar which essentially means that I didn’t have a flat!).  During my third loop I passed another cyclist out training (he was in full aero heading the other direction.  I would see him 3 more times during my day).  Also during this third loop, the rain started.  I don’t mind riding in the rain, so I just buckled down and kept pedaling.  Finishing up the third loop I saw that cyclist again, this time in front of me. I decided to push it and see if I could catch him.  I cut the distance in half in about a mile… but then he dropped me like a bad date and I never saw him again.  I guess I have more work to do!

On the fourth loop, the rain steadily increased.  When I was at the furthest point from home, it was a major downpour.  I was soaked and uncomfortable.  I decided, four loops out of 7 would be enough. I picked up the pace as much as I could and made my way home.

Disappointed in a shortened workout, I resolved myself to get in the full workout tomorrow (even in the rain if need be).

Of course, an hour later the skies were clear and the sun was out… but it was time for my oldest boy’s baseball game.  Oh well… I will get in a good workout tomorrow.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 80 minutes on the bike

Actual:  42:47 at 16.58mph – in the rain.