I am still recovering from some antibiotic induced GI issues, but I have really hated missing two workouts in a row.  I figured that with today’s workout being a swim, that I could give it a shot.   Swimming, since it is very near zero impact, would not agitate my GI issues – at least that was my hope.  So with that, I headed to the pool today to get my workout in.

On the docket today was a 900y swim.  I got to the pool and it was packed (for this pool).  Which meant that splitting a lane was on order.  I found someone who just had their lane partner leave, and asked to split.  A few seconds later, I was in the pool getting ready to go.

My plan was to do a 100y warm up, then go for 18x50y @ 65 seconds for the rest of the workout.  That would give me a total of 1000 yards (my first time reaching 1000 yards in one workout).   The workout progressed just as I hoped.  The warmup was good and each of my 50y laps I finished in the 47-52 range, leaving me a few seconds to breathe, think about form and then go again.

It was a good workout, with no issues (even GI issues)!  I feel great.  It is nice to hit the 1k milestone.  Next up… 1 mile!  Actually, during my next workout, I will push my limits more and go for a 4x200y workout, rather than so many 50y sets.

Thanks for reading — Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 900y swim

Actual: 1000y swim (A full 1k!)