Eight football fields.  That is what my training schedule had me doing today.  Swim 800 yards.  I really wanted to focus on my catch and pull today.  I know I have a long way to go, but when I get it right, I feel fast… unfortunately, I only get it right about 40% of the strokes.  Today I was going to work on improving that.

I set out for a 100y warm up with no specific focus or concern – just get the body awake.  Then I settled in for a 200y buoy assisted swim where I focused solely on getting the proper catch, shoulder rotation and pull.  This is a struggle for me for my right arm.  My left feels great and strong, but my dominant right arm feels like it is slipping through the water.   Focus, that is what I need to do.  Breath, reach, catch, pull.  Focus on that right arm.  Go.

After a couple of lengths of the pool, I realized that if I have a good body rotation, I am better at getting a good pull on my right side.  The left side takes care of itself since I breath on my right (therefore I am rotating to breath, so my body does what it should without much thought).  There it is… my light bulb moment for the day.  I must rotate my body more than I have been to help get my shoulder and right arm in the right place for a good catch and pull.  Excellent.

I continued my 800y workout focusing on this new ah-ha and was pleasantly surprised by my effort.   I finished with a simple 50y cool down lap and called it a day.

That was well spent time at the pool.

I think I am going to up my pool time to 3x a week now.  I need to still get my swim fitness up, so more time in the pool should help that.   I am thinking Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Oh – and my neighborhood pool opens on May 5th this year!  I can actually start getting in some swim workouts at home now too.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 800y swim

Actual: 800 yards