After yesterday’s long ride I was feeling great.  I was able to keep a 16+mph average for one hour on the bike.  That is the longest I have ridden at one time and to keep above 16 was my goal.  So, yay for me.   Although, the ride was at night – 9-10pm to be exact.

That brings me to today. My run was scheduled to be 40 minutes – and my day was packed full of activities not related to training (party, coaching t-ball, etc).  So, I had to get out on the road early in the morning.  I set my alarm for 7am and was determined to knock this out before the day got crazy.  Unfortunately I woke up with a daughter feeling lousy (18 months old, with a fever).  So, I spent the first two hours of my day comforting her while my wife got ready for the day and a few essential tasks completed.  Once the baby hand-off was made, I laced up the shoes and went for my run.  I was feeling pretty heavy footed right from the start.  In my haste to get the run started, I left my heart-rate-monitor on my counter, so I didn’t have that feedback to use as motivation to HTFU.  I think that if I had the HRM, I would have pushed through the tired legs, and kept to a pace that I know I am capable of.  Instead, I allowed myself to slow down to an 11m/m pace, which is about 30 seconds slower than I have been running lately.  Oh well… I stuck with it and finished my run.  I was proud that I didn’t short the run – but struggled with the heavy legs.

Of course, I am probably being hard on myself… I am running with a sinus infection (albeit I am on my antibiotics now!).

Anyway… tomorrow is Monday… which equals a rest day.   With the sick kid at home and the wife not feeling well, I might just keep it that way.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 40 minute run

Actual: 40:14 at an average pace of 11:04