With many, many flats over my past few bike workouts, I was getting very frustrated.

I took the advice of someone on beginnertriathlete.com to move my rear tire to the front and see if I continue to get flats.  The idea being that if there is something tiny in the tire, it would then cause flats in the front, and then I know what I need to do (find the debris, or replace the tire).  —  Well, I did that and went out for a ride (never being further away from the LBS than 1 mile).  Sure enough, just over 4 miles in, my front tire went down.  For once in my life, I was actually happy to have a flat tire!

OK, so I knew it was something to do withe that tire.  I pulled it off and slowly, very very slowly, went around the tire bending, ‘stretching’, moving it all sorts of ways to try to find the intruder.  I found nothing.  UGH.  I then had my LBS do the same – and he got the same result.  So frustrating.  Well, we decide to just replace the tire.  He walked over to the rack to pull a new tire down, when I found something!  Could it be?  Quick, grab something thin and sharp… poke, prod, and then BINGO.  There it was.  A minuscule piece of glass embedded in the tire.  Not visible from the top or the inside.

We got the offending piece of glass out of the tire, the tire installed and I mounted the bike for a test ride.  Whoo hoo.

After 20 miles with no punctures… I felt great.  That is the longest I have ridden in more than 2 weeks!

Hopefully this experience is in my past and I can go on training without the additional walks (back home) – or stress of changing a tube on the side of the road for a while.

– Adam

Today’s workout:

Plan: 60 minutes on the bike

Actual:  59:17 at an average speed of 16.43 mph — and NO FLAT!