Today is Tuesday… and that means it is swim day.  Just like every other Tuesday, I packed up my goggles and swim suit and planned on getting in my workout during lunch.  Luckily my workload generally allows for me to take this time twice a week to get in a good swim workout.

The training plan only called for a 600y swim today.  **Side note – I feel like these swim workouts are a bit short, so I have been extending them by a bit each time.**  My plan, beyond the 600y swim was to do the workout as 6×100, rather than my previous 12×50 plan of attack.  I need to get my fitness to a point where I can swim 2×300 or better, so there is no time like the present to begin that work.  I figured I would warm up with a 1×100, do 1×100 with the buoy, followed by 2×100 normal, then 1×100 buoy, and finally 1×100 normal (and if I felt good, make that last one a 1×200).

I got to the pool and the lot was full.  I was fearful that I would have to do this workout sharing a lane – or worse, in a circle swim.  After getting ready, I showered (yes… I do shower before getting in the pool) and walked onto the pool deck.  To my surprise, there were two empty ‘medium’ lanes and one empty ‘fast’ lane.  Excellent.  It appears the crowds of people are in the other pool, not the lap pool.  Perfect.

My warm up goes well – 1×100 @ 1:44.  Not screaming fast, but not too slow.  A good warm up pace.  I knocked out the buoy 100y and felt great.  I really think my lack of ‘breath’ comes when using my legs, I feel like I can swim forever with the buoy.  I continue, following my plan.  Things feel great.  I get to the end and decide to go for a 1×200 (for a total of a 700y workout).  I get through the 100y fine, the next 50y I struggle a little, but tell myself to relax my legs a bit and continue.  I work on gliding, relaxing and breathing… and sure enough, I finish my 1×200 swim.  Excellent.

All in all it was a good work out.  I am looking forward to the day when swimming a 1×1200 is a normal day, but for now, I will celebrate my little victory.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 600y swim

Actual: 700y swim (added in a 1×200 to the end, instead of a 1×100)

It will be a cool ride in the morning.  I might choose to ride at night tomorrow  instead.  Still thinking about it.