Today’s mantra at the pool was “Glide”.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Just glide.  Well, when you are a 6’4″ clydesdale, you are not designed to glide when doing anything… let alone, swimming.  But, I was determined to focus on this one piece during my simple and short 500y planned swim today.

After a quick shower (doesn’t everyone shower before getting in the pool… I mean, the signs everywhere tell you to), I found an empty lane.  Of course, the only empty lane was a ‘fast’ lane – and we all know that at 1:35-40 per 100y I am not considered ‘fast’.  But I slipped into the lane and acted like I belonged there (making note of anyone new coming out of the locker rooms so I could move to a more appropriate lane should the need arise).  My plan was to do a 100y warm up, then some bouy work (2×100), then one arm drills (2×50), then 100y focused effort to end the work out.  My focus was to keep my head low, feel the water supporting my chest/shoulders and then rotate and glide with each stroke.  —  It was a fun day.  I slowed my pace way down, especially when I was using the bouy and just glided on each and every stroke.  I stretched, reached then pulled each arm through the water in a slow methodical rhythm.  slowly… slowly… thinking, glide, glide, glide.   Of course, if you know me, you know I am a Phish fan… and they have a song called Glide.  Well, I definitely had that soundtrack playing in my mind the whole workout.

At the end of the workout, I was feeling good.  I decided to do an extra 1×150 to finish out, for a total of 650y today. Not a long workout, but a useful one.  I feel like my day of gliding will pay dividends as the yardage increases.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 500y swim

Actual: 650y swim with the added 1×150 on the end.

Looking forward to a good ride in the morning tomorrow!