Finally got in a full bike workout without a flat tire.  —  I felt pretty good today.  I stayed in aero around 75% of the time – and concentrated on keeping my cadence up.  I will install my cadence meter before my next bike workout so I can see some real numbers.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 30 minutes on the bike

Actual: 30:08 at an average speed of 16.19 mph

Ended up with a pretty solid average MPH.  It might still be slow, but that will improve with more time in the saddle.

Oh – one more thing.  My swim coach (Coach Marty from OSB – who coaches all three disciplines for those that have more cash than me) reviewed my overall training plan and suggested a couple of changes.  The main one is to do more 30-40 minute runs on Thursdays, rather than the shorter ones that were scheduled.  So… starting tomorrow, I will change the planned 15 minute light run to a 30 minute run.