All day yesterday and again today I have been fighting off a cold that wants to settle in.  My nose won’t stop running (unless I drug up on Benadryl) – and then there is a deep chest cough that comes around every once and a while.  I have been pounding the cold-eeze, which seems to be working… but I am tired most of the day right now.  Hopefully this light week of training will allow my body to get over this cold and ready for next week’s ramp up.

I got to the pool with only a 400y swim due… but after my warmup and drills, I had already completed 400y.  I decided to do another 3×50 @ 60 to end the workout.  I felt great at the end.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 400y swim

Actual: 550y swim with the added 3×50 @ 60 seconds tacked on the end

Easy bike tomorrow and a real easy run on Thursday.