Today was not a good day for my training.

I woke up, all amped for a good 45 minute pre-dawn ride around my neighborhood loop.  I was feeling good, that is… until… I stepped outside.  The forecast called for it to be 50* as a low, which is chilly, but not un-ride-able weather.  Well, when I got the bike outside, I noticed that the grass was a bit shiny.  Did it rain last night?  No.  Oh no… that is frost on the ground.  WOW.  It must be colder than 50*.  Sure enough, a quick check on my weather app and my thoughts were confirmed.  It was 38*.  OK.  I can still ride in this.  I put on my long sleeve jersey and gloves and took off.  Yeah… well, my legs were COLD.  Very cold.  But I kept moving.

Unfortunately, this was my first real mental test.  I was uncomfortable – but had the desire to still get my workout in.  “Keep Moving” I told myself.  After about 15 minutes, I made an error in mental judgement.  I turned down a road that would take me within 1 minute of my house.  That was a big mistake.  As I got closer and closer to my home, I began to lose the battle between my desire to finish the 45 minute ride and my desire to get warm.  Sure enough… as I got near my home, I turned down my street and rode straight into the garage (only 23 minutes later).


So, after getting warm and clean… I drove off to work.  I spent that 35 minute commute beating myself up for my lack of mental toughness.  This was the first real time I was tested and I failed miserably.  I need to redeem myself.  I need to get this 45 minutes in today no matter what.  But… how can that happen?  My work day is full – and my son has a 2 hour baseball practice from 6-8p.  Which from my wife’s perspective (rightfully so), I will have been gone from home from 5:45am until 8:30p that day.  That sure isn’t helping her with the household and parental responsibilities of having 4 kids.  So, I tell myself I cannot request more time after the kids are in bed to go for another ride.  She deserves some help from me.

Then an idea comes to mind.  I can load my bike up on the car rack, take my son to his baseball practice and then go to a nearby neighborhood (one that actually holds a triathlon in the summertime) and get my 45 minutes in there.  —  Great.  That gets my workout in, but doesn’t remove me from any expected time at the house.  OK.  I can do this.

I present the plan to my wife and it meets her approval.  I get home from work, quickly change into my bike kit (covering up my lycra with typical shorts and T-shirt so as to not scare anyone while dropping of my son at his baseball practice) and head out to the baseball fields.  AJ joins his team and begins practice – and I duck out to go get a ride in.

Very pleased with myself – I get to the neighborhood, grab my bike off the rack, throw on the helmet, jump on the bike and ride…  SERIOUSLY?!  Crap.  My back tire is FLAT.  Not low… but FLAT.  Crap Crap Crap.

I guess it wasn’t supposed to be my day.  Fighting against a mental test again… I decide to make a quick tube change and still get my ride in.  Sounds great, right?  Crap.  My mini-pump is not on my bike.  Where is it?

Again, I guess it wasn’t supposed to be my day.  I load up my bike (still with its flat tire) and decide to pack it in.  But then I remember, my son was playing with my mini-pump last week, in the car.  I pull over and search the car, and sure enough, it was in there.  OK, back to the parking lot to do a quick tube change and 5 minutes later I am ready to finally go for my ride.  YAY.  Of course, my time has now whittled away to only allow for a 25 minute ride.

What a day.  I learned a lot.

Today’s workout:

Plan: 45 minutes on the bike

Actual: 23:22 – 5.66 miles at 14.53mph  – & –  22.48 – 5.68 miles at 14.95mph